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Art by Lisa Hodges

Updated November 19th, 2023

Thank you for visiting the site to view my artwork.  If you are interested in purchasing a print please click the link below.  Quality of the print is better than photo on the website for copyright reasons.


The online store is now up and running and credit cards are now accepted! 

Artist Bio

"An artist cannot fail, it is a success just to be one."

"A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others."

I was born in Sunderland England and immigrated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1979. I've been living in and around the foothills of southern Alberta since 1983 and moved to Water Valley in 2017.  This is where my soul, purpose and passion were aligned, inspiring me to create once again.

I graduated from Cochrane High School with honors in art. I am mostly a self-taught artist and enjoy working with a variety of mediums like pencil, pastel and watercolor.  I have a strong connection with all animals and my goal is to capture their personality in all my works.

Throughout the years I have enjoyed creating many works of art using leather, antler, wood and resin. 


In 2023 I switched gears as I longed for color.  I traded by graphite pencils for pastel and haven't looked back.  I feel a deep connection with all animals and their different strengths and attributes.


Please take a tour of my website and view my artistic endeavors.

Current work in progress

November 2023

9x11 Pastel


Back to my roots.  I started drawing when I was 10 years old.  I have always loved to draw horses so it was time to revisit drawing them once again.  This piece is now complete and prints are for sale. 


With Christmas coming I have a few projects that need doing so there is nothing planned for the easel for a few weeks.

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