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You... Only Better!!

Hello and welcome to the Spiritstone Beauty Boss webpage. Life can be hard but makeup doesn't have to be.  I have been wearing makeup for 34 years and yes I have tried it all! I first got interested in Younique last November when a beautiful friend invited me to like her facebook page. I watched her live makeup tutorials, asked a bunch of questions, pondered and wondered if it was worth the extra cost compared to the drug store products that I’ve been using for decades. Then came Christmas and my bestie gave me a few Younique products as a Christmas present to try. Dang! I was hooked and within a few months I had an awesome collection of Younique products and I signed up to be a presenter.

The coverage and pigment in these products is amazing. Only a few drops of the liquid foundation gives silky all day coverage that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve had a coat of auto bondo smeared on your face. Less is more with these phenomenal products. My skin is amazing and I don't have a bunch of breakouts from skin that can't breathe. I have even managed to get the eyeliner and mascara in my eye and it doesn't burn like other products do.


My goal is to uplift women and help them feel good inside and out.  So I invite you to head over to my Facebook page for live videos that inspire women and a few makeup tips and tricks (click the facebook link below).  Ready to shop?  Click the button directly below to be redirected to the Younique website page and find out more about these incredible products or place an order.

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