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Hello I am Lisa Hodges from Spiritstone Services my true passion is numbers and helping small business owners know their financial picture each month.  I am an accounting specialist and payroll administrator.


I have just wrapped up a few big projects and am now accepting new clients.  I have been in the Financial sector for 30 years. I have over 15 years experience and expertise in bookkeeping and Accounting.  10 years in banking and lending and 5 years developing, testing and supporting financial banking software.


I keep track of where the money comes from and where it goes to. But I do more than simply manage what your organization has, I accumulate information, both financial and non-financial which allows you the decision maker to assess what has happened in the past and what the future holds in order to make sound business decisions. There are many tax laws and allowable expenditures so it is important to have a professional keep track of your financial data to ensure accuracy should an audit arise. It is my job to keep up on CRA tax changes, your job is to manage your business.


I don’t specialize in one or two areas, I specialize in full cycle accounting.

Income, receivables, payables, bank reconciliation, asset/liability, payroll, financial reporting, cash flow management, budgeting, job costing, GST, payroll liability, WCB and benefits administration.


If you have employees or are growing enough to hire employees I can perform all Payroll requirements. Knowledge and up to date information on the labour standard laws like how statutory holidays are calculated and paid, vacation pay (accruals or each pay) T4’s, ROE’s, T5018, benefits, WCB and WCB clearance certificates for subcontractors if required.


If you are in construction I can aid in Progress draws/invoicing. Perhaps you have industry specific software or in house software I am a quick learner and can transfer the data from your internal software systems to track your income correctly.


Payables and bill payments can be done once a month. After all vendor invoices are entered a cheque run can be completed or online bill payments can be made.


Job costing or classes -  If you are in construction I can take your job estimate and assign costs to the job so you know exactly what the job is costing at any given time vs your initial estimate. You will also know your hard costs, your overhead costs of doing business and your job margins. Why wait till the end of the year to know your costs or the actual profit margin in your job?


Perhaps you are in the transportation business. I can utilize job classes so you can know what each vehicle is making and costing. Is there a fuel tax surcharge? Are you covering the cost of your fuel? Don’t wait till the end of the year to know as you won’t be able to adjust in time to correct a mounting loss.


Be the manager and owner you need to be and let Spiritstone Services take care of your accounting needs. Once the monthly data has been entered I will deliver your reports allowing you to review the profit and loss statement so you know how your company is performing and if any changes need to be made


Perhaps you’ve thought about hiring an office administrator. Have you considered the costs? Having office space, equipment, insurance, office supplies, wages, burden (CPP, EI, WCB, benefits). Why not just trust a professional with your financial data and let Spiritstone Services take care of those items and hand you back working reports so you know your numbers.


Year end - Imagine not having to bring a box of receipts or file folders to your accountant. I can meet with them and bring all of your data on a memory stick. Year end entries are made and you’ve saved a fortune, all you need to do is meet with your accountant to review and sign your corporate tax return. It is best to have a CPA check your financial data as they are the experts in helping with tax breaks.


Do you know your payroll thresholds? Do you scramble to complete annual, quarterly or monthly GST returns?


I am pleased to offer my services at a fixed price so you can budget for your financial needs monthly. Prices are fixed based on your needs and business size. I have determined this by the number or employees or subcontractors you employ. Even if you don’t require payroll this is how the pricing structure works. It is not based on sales as your company may only do a handful of jobs a year and make 1 million dollars where another business may sell 1 million items at a dollar each.


Please check out the pricing structure and reach out to me with any questions or to set yourself free from trying to be the company bookkeeper as well as owner/manager. It will be money well spent for your piece of mind.

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